You always know where your money is

You’ll be updated via email at each stage of the transfer. You can also track your transfer with our award winning 

mobile apps and website wherever you are.

We prefer transections less than 50 USD through . It is easy to pay. Follow below steps.


Step 01:- 

Go to

Type the amount (Mentioned on your invoice). Also select the mode of transfer (Bank debit, Wire transfer, Debit Card or Credit Card) You can change the mode of transfer later also.

Step 02:- 

Select Personal Transfer

Step 03:- 

Fill your personal details.

Step 04:- 

Select the recipient as “Someone else”

Step 05:-

Enter our (Recipients) details. It will be emailed you once you confirm the order.

Step 06:-

You can reconfirm the mode of money transfer.


Step 07:-

If you select wiretransfer or Bank debit (ACH) following banks available.


Step 08:-

If you select Debit card or Credit Card payment, pay as follows:-