PayPal – XOOM

XOOM is a PayPal service. You can pay through your PayPal account through following steps.

( PayPal doesn’t allow to pay any medicines items directly)

Step 01:-

Login to your PayPal account then select “Send & Reques”. Then Click More.


Step 02:-

Then click Send money abroad.

Step 03:-

Select country as Sri Lanka

Step 04:-

Select your delivery method :- Deposit to a bank account

Step 05:-

Then you will be directed to XOOM account. Here You can Login with PayPal username and password.


Step 06:-

Enter the amount to be transferred. Here XOOM will charge you 4.99 USD as the transaction fee. You don’t need to bear it. 

You reduce that amount from your payment. For example if your invoice amount is 39.99USD. You deduce 4.99USD and pay 35USD. 

Step 07:-

Select the Money receiving method as Bank Deposit.

Step 08:-

Then select the payment method you prefer. You can paythrough Bank account , Credit Card & Debit Card.

Step 09:-

Enter the Recipient information. That will be emailed you when you confirmed the purchase.

Step 10:-

Finally enter your Shipping Address & Pay through your preferred method of payment.