PERMATHRIN 5% PERMITE 30g X2= 60g CREAM Scabies Mite Pubic Crab Lice Skin itch


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PERMITE Permethrin 5% Cream 30g x 2 = 60g

 For The Treatment Of Scabies Mite And Pubic Lice

Permite Cream (Permethrin) is a topical scabicide commonly prescribed to help treat scabies. It is developed for external uses only and must not be ingested.

Dosage and Administration

Strictly follow all instructions provided by your physician. Never self-medicate or adjust your dose by yourself. Dosage will differ depending on the individual patient as well as the severity of the condition being treated.

Application is simple. Squeeze out a small amount of Permite Cream (Permethrin) and spread it over the area of skin to be treated. Once finished leave the cream uncovered for between 8 and 14 hours before washing off. After the cream has been washed away, you may experience an itchiness, but this should subside fairly quickly. If after 2 weeks of use your scabies is still present, inform you physician as soon as possible for further information.

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